Bringing Chaco Canyon to Life

Stunning 3D software simulation for Mac & PC

About Chaco Canyon

Virtual Archaeology in 3D

The Amazing "Sun Dagger"

Demo videos:

A unique exploration of chaco canyon


Chaco Canyon Revealed

This program provides the user a deep understanding of the Chaco Phenomenon. A fun, educational experience for anyone interested in Chaco Canyon or US History.


Chaco Architecture

The fourteen key Chaco buildings have been brought back to life in stunning 3D. For the first time, see shadows of the moving sun and moon across the architecture and terrain of Chaco.


Realistic Day / Night Cycles

The canyon is faithfully reproduced. As you move around the landscape and architecture, watch the patterns of sun and moon, and the shadows they create for any date or time.

an Educational and entertaining learning experience


Virtual 3D Archaeology

For the first time ever in a consumer program, experience the excitement and thrill of excavating Pueblo Bonito and the other Great Houses of Chaco, revealing authentic Anasazi artifacts.


Realistic Artifacts

More than 40 artifacts have been reconstructed in 3D for you to excavate. Includes replicas of many important items uncovered during the early days of Chaco archaeology.


Functioning Sun Dagger

This alone is worth the price of the program. Visit the Sun Dagger, put in any time/date combination, and see how the Sun Dagger would have appeared. Simply amazing!

English, Spanish, French, German included