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About Shadowplay

Kyle Widner, author of "The Anasazi of Chaco Canyon"Welcome to My name is Kyle Widner, author of "The Anasazi of Chaco Canyon", and producer of the computer program / video game / simulation of the same name.

My passion for Chaco Canyon and the Anasazi was born from several years of backpacking and hiking the 4-Corners area of the Southwest USA. Now I know what "gold fever" must have felt like, as searching for, then finding, Anasazi ruins that are not in the guide books is akin to finding treasure, and it is very addicting!

I've really struggled with what to call the computer program... it has some game elements, like virtual archaeology, but its not a traditional video game. It's a simulation, but infinitely more fun.

When I finished the book, it was very satisfying, but there was a feeling of wanting "more" I wanted a 3D representation of Chaco circa 1100 AD, a sense of what the place looked and felt like..... to see the dance of light and shadows across canyon and architecture, watch the Sun Dagger at the summer solstice, and a sunset over Pueblo Bonito.

This computer program represents two years of a dedicated team of Chaco lovers and programmers, a labor of passion for everyone involved. I hope you enjoy the experience as much as we enjoyed creating it. Its like a time machine, right on your own computer.


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Comments after exploring Chaco Canyon in the program:

  • Image of Mary Thompson, Des Moines

    I literally felt transported back in time. With each "scrape" of my trowel, I felt like a treasure hunter revealing long lost artifacts. The detail is amazing, highly recommended. - Mary Thompson, Des Moines

  • Image of Jason Kinsley, El Paso

    I saw the Mysteries of Chaco Canyon documentary, with Robert Redford, and was fascinated by the Sun Dagger. It is so fun to put in my kids birthdays and see what it looked like when they were born. - Jason Kinsley, El Paso

  • Image of Timothy Simpson, Boise

    There is so much to do, each of the Great Houses needs to be excavated to learn about them. But the sense of accomplishment and fun is incredible! - Timothy Simpson, Boise

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