About Shadowplay

For any internet business, there is no substitute for organic traffic from the search engines.

None. It

To rank a page for a keyterm, and get your share of organic traffic, you need two things:

  1. An optimized web page
  2. Backlinks to that web page from other web sites

#1 is as easy as running your site though a free tool, verifyseo.com, and making the recommended changes. If you want to get really deep into onpage optimization, you can hire Page Optimizer Pro, or use a tool like surferseo.com.

#2, however is hard. Link building is very hard.

Problem solved

Why did we create this service? Frankly, we couldn’t find a better solution to the problem we (and many sophisticated web marketers) face, finding links on pages not shared with any other web marketer.

Our service is simple. Sign up. It’s $297 per month. Input a url and a keyterm, click submit, and you are done. Each month, you’ll have an exclusive link with your anchor text on the home page of a site with at least a TrustFlow (TF) of 20, and at least 20 referring domains with links to the home page where your link exists. By exclusive we mean you are the only outbound link from the home page. Your anchor text is in a paragraph of text

Our Technology

We spent almost two years and invested much treasure to create our software, which we call Ian. Ian has one job, and one job only. And he does it very, very well.

domains acquired through auction
*** never dropped ***
At least five years old

min 20 referring domains
spamzilla passed

— min 1,000 words text, topics summarized from top ranking sites
— 100% copyscape passed and human edited (Native American)
— related youtube video(s)
— related images
— calls to action (optin, links, or cloaked links)
— can input your own code for optin, popup, etc
— unique privacy policy, sitemap footer
— title tag and H1 to support the chosen keyterm anchor
— related LSI words on both sides of keyterm anchor

hosted amongst 17 different cloud accounts, each with 13 data centers.

inbound dofollow links to each domain get ongoing web 2.0, social signals, blog posts.

each site build template, images, folders, etc are completely randomized, no footprints.

As long as you are member of the Shadowplay family, your links will build and build, and your price will never increase.

Internet Marketing Expertise

Shadowplay is a 100% American company. We do not outsource. You’re dealing with pros that have been in the web marketing game a long time. I registered my first domain name in 1996. I’ve built and sold two $1 million / year web businesses. Yeah, I’m that old, but also that experienced. I love web marketing. Its the first thing I think of in the morning, and last thing that goes through my mind at night.