Welcome to Shadowplay Communications, publisher of “The Anasazi of Chaco Canyon”, a book and unique software program for Mac and PC Computers, which re-constructs the architecture of Chaco Canyon as it appeared circa 1100 AD. Also includes virtual archaeology in full 3D, realistic day / night cycles, and a functioning Sun Dagger simulation.

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3D Chaco Canyon Sun Dagger

Posted by Anasazi of Chaco Canyon on Friday, March 10, 2017

About the Chaco Canyon Simulation

Anyone interested in history will be fascinated by the story of Chaco Canyon, located in the Northwest corner of New Mexico. Remote and hard to access, it receives less than 10% of the visitors of Mesa Verde National Park, 90 miles away. And while Mesa Verde is a well restored example of Anasazi architecture, the crest of the Anasazi wave was 150 years earlier, in Chaco Canyon. This story is the subject of the book “Anasazi of Chaco Canyon” by Kyle Widner, available at Amazon.com in Kindle and paperback editions.

The research for the book spawned the idea for a Chaco Canyon based computer simulation. Collaborating with 3D artist Nic Chancellor, all 14 major Chacoan buildings have been faithfully re-constructed for use within the simulation. You can learn more about the Chaco Canyon Simulation by subscribing to the Shadowplay newsletter:

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