Non-Fiction Books.

Publishing is most successful business model of all time, and the path to sustainable, real income, all while building equity in business that can be easily sold. Why is it so attractive? Because of the concept of “Create Once, Sell Many”. If you create a book, when you are done, your work is done. But the book will continue to sell, well into the future, even if you’re on the beach. Even better with multiple books. However, writing a book is a long and tedious process. Until now. 


The Power of A.I.

 Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. We’ve been working with AI in the content field since 2019. We have spent over $100k refining this system. Thanks to modern publishing and print-on-demand platforms, a single book can be turned into four separate products: A hardback version, a color paperback version, a black and white paperback version, and an audiobook.

And again thanks to technology, it is absolutely free to list your books and audiobooks for sale on Amazon, Kindle, Audible.com, iTunes/Apple Books and more. Zero overhead for you, and they handle all the payments, distribution, customer service, and put your book in front of millions of potential customers. 

The Problem. 

It can take a lifetime of research, writing, and editing to build up a library of books you can sell, over and over. Researching categories and niches, writing outlines, organizing details. Not to mention getting an ISBN number for your book, creating the table of contents, designing a cover, and then the time and hassle of having illustrations, pictures, and art created! No wonder so many people quit before they really ever begin.

The Solution.

Fill out the form below. When complete there will be a link that will outline your book. Click send, and within 24-48 hours, you will have a complete book, in draft format, ready for you to edit and sell, give away, submit to Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing (kdp). It comes complete with title, copyright pages and a complete table of contents. Cruise over to canva.com and make a free cover. And, your book is a perfect script to create an audiobook. (Be sure to be on our newsletter list, we have EXCITING news about audiobooks)

Couldn’t be easier. Do it today.


How It Works.

The Shadowplay Publishing Systems consists of step-by-step training, and then access to our proprietary software, a cutting edge technology platform that will blow you away. Easy to use, but extremely powerful for crafting rich, page-turning books your readers will love.

As you complete each book, you’ll add to your catalog of titles, each one producing income every month. The more books you have to sell, the more potential income.