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For questions about this project contact kyle (at)

Project is PC/Mac multiplayer / singleplayer game code named "Arcadia". User will play as a bird and human, exploring an island by walking around, and flying over.

1. Terrain is an island, surrounded by ocean. Waterfalls, lakes, streams, as practical. Looking for a wonderful, peaceful, serene ambiance.

2. Size: I'd like the island to be approximately a 5x5 unity3d terrain.

3. This will be for a Unity3d multiplayer game with Photon, users fly as birds and walk as humans.

4. I’d like something that keeps LOD to a minimum.

5. The look and feel can be seen in the below images. The first image is ideal. The original idea is based on the 1838 “Dream of Arcadia” painting by Thomas Cole. 

6. I have +/- 7 models to be placed naturally and integrated into the terrain. These include some historic structures: stonehenge, port of alexandria, easter island moia statues, aztec pyramid, hanging gardens of babylon, etc.

7. Trees, shrubs, ground plants should not be dense. Users will be flying around the terrain, and while playing as a bird, player needs to be able to see objects on the ground.

8. The terrain should be “perpendicular”, in that walking areas should be very moderately graded, mountains, cliffs etc unclimbable. When players are walking, do not what them them have to jump, or climb any steep angles.

9. General feeling / ambiance should be peaceful, open, bright, touch of mystery, inviting to exploration and adventure.

Bottom line something cool as hell that is peaceful, beautiful, and very inviting to players flying over and walking around exploring, collecting, learning.

I'm fine with Gaia / CTS / Gena / Aquas to create, this is a Unity3D project, and those are some cool tools. I own these assets in Unity, so they are already paid for.

BUDGET: My budget is what it costs to get it done right.
Please ask any questions you may have, and provide an estimate or quote.

Feel free to contact with questions:   kyle (at)

Here are the reference images, in order of importance:
(High Res versions of "Dream of Arcadia" can be found online)

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