Complete Starter Business in a Box? Yes.

The "Laptop Lifestyle"

It’s frequently called the “Laptop Lifestyle” It’s the ability to generate income 24/7, and work with only a laptop and internet connection. It's awesome. I know, I've lived it for 20-plus years. Built and sold two million-dollar plus businesses in radically different industries (home and garden, biofeedback software). If you've ever wondered if you could do the same thing, the answer is "Hell, Yes You Can"! Let's talk about affiliate marketing, the good and the bad.

Let's get the "Yes and No" out of the way.....

The 'Yes'

Yes, passive income is possible.
Yes, make money in your sleep.
Yes, you can work on your own schedule.
Yes, you can start part time.
Yes, it can be a side gig.
Yes, you can create diverse income streams.
Yes, you can be the owner of your own business.
Yes, you can scale it as large as you want.
Yes, you can start with very little investment.

The 'No'

No office.
No products.
No overhead.
No inventory.
No MLM / Network marketing.
No employees.
No shipping.
No customer service.
No tech support.
No merchant account needed.

Affiliate marketing sounds way too good to be true, and you know what they say about things that sound too go good to be true, right? There is a ton of reasons people fail in affiliate marketing, despite how easy it sounds. Because it has such a “get rich quick” or “easy way to riches” sound to it, most people attracted to it are looking for their own version of the non-existent “No Work / High Pay” job. And because so many of these people fail, and they are almost always “blame others” type people, they say it “doesn’t work”. That is a load of horsecrap.

Why people fail

Choosing the wrong products or niches to promote.
Choosing the wrong affiliate platform(s).
Lack of diversity in income streams.
Over-reliance on shortcuts, hacks, tricks.
Making decisions based on emotion and not data.
Flying blind, and not following a proven system when starting out.

However, the #1 reason, BY FAR, that people fail in affiliate marketing is the unrealistic expectation that it doesn’t require any effort to get off the ground. I’m just going to be brutally honest here, there are alot of lazy people out there. And there are many people that think they’re going to do what it takes to be successful, then they quit after their first setback.

Think of having a hit song, or writing a best-selling book. Both give you royalties far into the future. But that song and that book had to be created by someone, someone who put the effort into creation before they ever saw a dime. Same with affiliate marketing, but the investment of time and treasure is small, and the payback can be very quick.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

In order to simplify the concepts involved, we’re going use as an example, one of the oldest affiliate marketing programs out there, Amazon.com.

Here we go.

You have a website, lets say its about “pomegranate juice” and all the health benefits and anti-aging, anti-inflammatory properties of this superfruit.

On your website, you have article, pictures, videos about pomegranate juice, and you have links from your website to different brands of pomegranate juice on amazon.com. The links you use are given to you by Amazon.com, and contain a code, and will look something like this:


where ASIN is the amazon product number, and your-affiliate-code is the unique code Amazon gives to you to use in your links.

This ‘affiliate link’ lets Amazon know who (you) sent the buyer to Amazon.com. And here’s the fun part. When someone who arrives at Amazon from your website and buys something at Amazon.com, YOU earn a percentage of that sale. The percentage varies from category to category on Amazon. But Amazon has another really cool bonus, if the shopper adds other items to their cart, like a big screen TV, you earn an affiliate commission on that product as well.

It really is that simple, overall. If you have a page on your website that really helps people understand the benefits of pomegranate juice, and they click on your affiliate link to Amazon, they will put money in your pocket when they buy.

And that page is on the internet, so its available to anyone, anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While you are vacationing, sleeping, or watching a movie, that page is selling for you.

At this point right here, the people who end up doing well in affiliate marketing almost all have the same inspiration......

“That’s only one page, I could put up lots of pages, I could have lots of websites, all doing the same thing….”

And that is when the lightbulb goes on.

"Turn Down A Glass"

Somewhere, as you read, the secret to which I refer will jump from the page and stand boldly before you, IF YOU ARE READY FOR IT! When it appears, you will recognize it. Whether you receive the sign in the first or last chapter, stop for a moment when it presents itself, and turn down a glass, for that occasion with mark the most important turning-point of your life.

Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich

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