High quality domains w/ backlinks and metrics, google friendly, not "Just AI"

Complete Websites and Blogs For Sale

All Websites for sale:

  • Aged (minimum 2+ years active history)
  • .com domains only
  • No hyphens or numbers (max domain value)
  • Indexed in google
  • Existing, clean backlinks
  • NOT attached to any Google analytics or property

Content on all sites:

  • WordPress
  • Human reviewed, A.I. assisted
  • PASSES Copyscape (no duplicate content)
  • Fresh authority links, topical authority
  • Unique images for each section w/ alt text
  • Placeholder about us page, content, image
  • Placeholder privacy policy page
  • Unique design, unique content
  • BONUS: All sites include one year of hosting.

This is how all Shadowplay websites are built:

Obtain the domain (auction, private sale, broker, dropcatch, other)
Create a topical map for the money keyterm for max Google Authority
Create the topical categories
Research news for relevant, recent articles for each category
Based on topic headline & desc., craft a +/- 1,500 word article
Internal linking between related articles (very important!)
Add outbound authority links (edu, .gov, .org)
Create unique images for each section / subtopic (usually 3/page)
Create a featured image for each article
Ad Insert installed with robots.txt blocked directory redirect
Site design, human editor reviews, tweaks, updates
Check Copyscape (for duplicate content)

Who are these sites for? Affiliate marketers, dropshippers, domain investors, PBN builders, all ready to add display advertising, adsense, etc. The SEO basics are all in place, structured for max topical authority. We do not attach the domains to any google property or analytics packages specifically for those building their own link networks or seeking anonymity. There is no guarantee any site has high traffic, we don't know, and can't advise or estimate.

To answer another question we get quite a bit, we are all Americans living in America, except for one senior editor, Elise, who lives in the Philippines, and she's awesome.

Some people love Flippa.com for buying and selling websites. We prefer to work direct with buyers, brokers, and domain investors. 

We created out first website in 1996, yep, you read that right. Want to know our story and background? Click here.

Have a domain you'd like us to build a site for using the system? We can do that. Click here.

Cheers, Kyle

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