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Garden-Walls.com / Garden-Wall-Fountains.com

Package of 2 websites / 3 domains: $397

Garden Walls in a niche few people know about:

Garden-Walls.com is a bit unusual for us, it only has a Moz Domain Authority (DA) of 1, but its a 14 year old site that is indexed in google, has 72 unique articles and is offered for sale in this bundle at a tremendously low price of $397. (Price also includes the garden-wall.com domain, which 301 redirects to garden-walls.com)

The 3rd domain in this bundle….

Garden-Wall-fountains.com has 25 unique articles, is google indexed, has a 20 year active history, TrustFlow (TF) of 18, and strong metrics:

Clean anchor text:

20 year active history:

Majestic Trust Flow of 18:

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