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History of the Anasazi in Chaco Canyon

No one can study the history of the southwest USA, or the peoples of the prehistoric North America continent without coming across the fascinating tale of the Anasazi. And any story of the Anasazi will reference Mesa Verde National Park, located near the quaint, old-west-meets-hipster town of Cortez in the southwest corner of Colorado.

Most people end up visiting the cliff dwelling ruins of “Cliff Palace” at Mesa Verde, and come away believing these structures represent the pinnacle of the Anasazi culture, the Upper East Side of Manhattan, if you will, of Anasazi existence.

Many absorb the spectacle that is Mesa Verde, and think of it as the “grand finale”, as this is where the Anasazi peaked and “disappeared” from. I know I did, at the time. But like they say in infomercials, “But wait, there’s more!” (Continued.......)

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