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About Shadowplay

How it all started:

1996, the web was new and exciting, the Wild, Wild, West. Before Google. Domains cost $35 a year to register. My first hosting cost $149 per month for a single site.

Thanks to the Wayback Machine, I was able to find the very first website I every put on the web, this is a snapshot from 30 December, 1996:

When Google arrived on the scene, the world went nuts. SEO became one of the most valuable skills an entrepreneur could have. We built a network of sites in the home & garden niche, and sold them off in 2008.

That was when Shadowplay Communications was born as a full service web marketing agency. We worked with companies like American Express Travel, Postmates (acquired by Uber Eats), Care2, Campania International, The RAF Companies, eQuote insurance, and others.

Today, we're a much smaller team, and concentrate on what we love to do, and do best; Helping small businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their dreams with a quality web presence.

Why the name 'Shadowplay'? My younger brother Michael and I were fans of the band 'Joy Division' back in the day, and Shadowplay was one of our favorite songs. It was later covered by 'The Killers'

Mike passed away from a brain tumor way too young, but remains an inspiration to me and everyone who knew him. The name 'Shadowplay' is a tribute to him.

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Cheers, Kyle

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