Welcome to Shadowplay Communications, unique software and products for education, entertainment, and personal development. Our first project is nearing completion, a re-creation of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico circa 1100 AD.

About Shadowplay Communications

Shadowplay is a project of Kyle Widner, internet entrepreneur and author. After the sale of Wild Divine, he wrote an Amazon best seller about his passion, titled “Anasazi of Chaco Canyon”. This work, combined with his software development knowledge, spawned the idea for a Chaco Canyon based video game / computer simulation of Chaco Canyon in the year 1100 AD. You can learn more about the Chaco Canyon Software Project at http://www.Chaco-Canyon.com

Blog & Updates

One Daily Practice

Shadowplay’s next product will be a personal development game world called “One Daily Practice”, combining technology and ancient wisdom in an easy to learn, hard to master game for Mac and PC computers. Personalized and highly customizable, it is a unique approach to personal development and goal attainment.

Chaco Canyon Project

Shadowplay’s first software product, based on Chaco Canyon, is nearing completion. You can learn more about this fascinating venture at http://www.Chaco-Canyon.com